Conditions goes wild

Hi bubblers!

Just wondering if I’m the only one getting wild workflows on my app…

Conditions are not respected - idk why - and even when they clearly are false bubble states they’re true…

Any clue on this?

Thanks a lot!

maybe your search in the condition is wrong…most likely not a bug…i’ve mistakenly thought conditions I created were structured properly and that a bug was affecting their evaluation, but in the end it was my mistake

In yours you have two searches for players, and I would bet one of them is not properly constructed

Thanks for your reply @boston85719 !

I still can’t get why bubble clearly identifies a condition as false : count is 0 but still states the whole condition to be true…
Even in a world where I badly construct my search, at the end of the day it should be false as identified…

Can you tell me what seems wrong in my searches if you can see something weird please?

Thanks a lot!

When you use the AND operator, all of the portions of the condition need to be true…when you use the OR operator only one of the portions of the condition need to be true

@boston85719 I definitely agree with you!

But I think I only used ‘AND’ operator there no?

Can’t see any ‘OR’ operator in my conditions… That’s why I can’t figure out this bug.
Otherwise I might be really tired ahah

Thanks !

That is Boston’s point. Because you are using the and operator, it doesn’t matter if the count of the first search is 0 (well, it does, but primarily in the context of the rest of expression). The condition will pass only when the count of the first search is 0, the count of the second search is greater than 0, and the result of step 1 is not empty. So, if the condition is passing, all of those things must be true. The question is what are you trying to achieve with that condition? Do you want all of those things to have to be true in order for the condition to pass?


@mikeloc Yes, I do only use ‘AND’ operators, because I want all my 3 conditions to be TRUE to run this specific workflow.

As shown on my screenshots, only 2 of the conditions are TRUE, the 2nd one si not greater than 0 so false. Nonetheless, bubble runs the workflow as if the overall conditions was TRUE, that’s why I’m confused…

Idk if I’m missing something on this point, but I think I get it right with ‘AND’ operators as long as I want all the conditions to be TRUE to run the workflow, and set operators to be ‘AND’…

That’s why I was supposing it’s a bug from bubble and not from my side…

Thanks a lot again

as a sumup:

  1. I have 3 conditions that must all be true to run a workflow (and so I use ‘AND’ operators)
  2. Bubble identifies 2nd condition as false
  3. Bubble still identifies the entire condition as true and so run the workflow whereas it should not.

Ah, I see it now… sorry I missed the screenshot with the second condition appearing to be false. Even though I don’t think this is the case, is there any chance your privacy rules are getting in the way somehow?

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Hi @mikeloc,

Sorry for the delay. Thanks again for your time helping!

I’ve carrefuly looked at the privacy rules and it seems not to be the issue there…

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