Issue with :count on data that is yes/no

Hi I am having trouble with a list of items in my databse which are yes/no. I am trying to find the count of items that are “yes” and return a result of false if the total count of items does not equal to the number of items that are yes:count.

You can see below that there are 4 items, 2 yes, 2 no. It should result in a :count of 2 but I don’t see what is wrong.

Screenshot 2022-10-18 133443
Screenshot 2022-10-18 133501

Hi there, @jcjags63… for the second part of the expression, try Current Page Pick List's order items:filtered:count, and add a constraint to the filter where pick_complete = yes.



Thanks Mike, I see that now

Appreciate it

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Without testing this myself, I believe you need to turn on the bubble beta feature for parentheses in the versions tab in settings.
I think you ahve an order of operations issue. Can you send screenshots of the evaluator of each of the elements in your expression?