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Is there a section where people are offering their services to help/build an application?



Hi @sprandall80 - welcome!

You can check out the Agencies | Bubble section.

Alternatively, any quick Google search “ Freelancers” you’ll find a WHOLE lot of returns.

(I’m not paid, nor do I earn anything from these references :point_down:)

The people who have helped me the most - from amazing FREE youtube videos, and reading their responses to threads in the forum:

that’s it for now - I hope you find this helpful :slight_smile:


Hey! You can check it out here for free courses on bubble. Also you can have a look at the pre-built templates.

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Hello @sprandall80 welcome to the community!

You can list your needs in the freelancer section of this forum. And to complement the great guidance above from @ChefThomas @sprandall80 you can also get coaching assistance here:

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Welcome to the Bubble community! :wave:

We are happy to have you here.

Like mentioned above, there are two ways to get help.

  1. Freelancers/Agencies where you can submit a Request for Proposal. This is so they can do all the work for you from start to finish.


  1. Coaches that teach you how to work on your own project. The goal is that you will do the work and learn as you go. Most coaches connect via Zoom, or some other platform, and allow you to share your screen while they answer any questions you have.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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