General Guidance Needed


I am new building apps and the only reason I am able to is Bubble (how amazing!)

I have a relatively well working app. ((Yo.Place) ← That’s the domain))
Right now its built for mobile so desktop looks a little janky.

As I inch closer to an MVP that I can start getting beta testers for, I need someone more familiar with apps and Bubble that can help me generally.

Questions like:
Security issues
Legal Stuff
Bubble specific performance issues
UX and bugs

I guess I need a mentor of sorts? But also, am willing to pay someone to run through the app and give me some actionable steps for improvement.


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The bad news is, you have a lot to learn.

The good news is, you have a lot of free stuff out there to learn from.

I would suggest starting with all the free resources out there to learn about Bubble. I’d give this YouTube channel a shot, since they cover a lot of stuff that’s more than just technical stuff.

This channel covers a lot more of the technical stuff you may want to learn:

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.

The problem I am having with these videos is they are mostly specific feature tutorials which are irrelevant to me. I sometimes search them out when I need to know how to do something or to get some ideas.

But I don’t know what I don’t know. So I need a little more hand holding at this point I think.

I can help you: Cristian Cisa | I'll help you build your MVP with Bubble
Or, if you don’t like my profile, you can find many other good mentors there.


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This is a mistake I made when I got started and wish I didn’t. You should watch, rewatch and keep watching all the Bubble tutorial videos regardless of what feature or app they are in relation to.

At the end of the day, all apps on Bubble use the same set of tools. It’s important to see how other people use Bubble tools/workflows to fit their unique needs. That will give you an idea on how to tweak things to work for your use case.

Of course, it’s good to have an hour or two a week with an experienced Bubble mentor to clear your doubts, but that should ideally be the last option. First option should be searching this forum, followed by YouTube, and checking out the Bubble manual.

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I definitely feel this and know I should spend more time just generally watching videos. There have been many that will show me something which improved my app immensely .

Its a good reminder that this is valuable. Thanks!

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I was in your position about a year ago and wanted exactly the same thing. Not someone to help build anything, more someone to accelerate the learning curve so that you can get on with building meaningful stuff quicker. The videos are useful in the same way textbooks are useful, full of valuable content but hidden amongst a bunch of stuff you don’t need right now!

This forum is the best place to get help (other than a mentor), mainly because “bubble” is a terrible search term on google alongside your question. There are also some really great people here who’ll help you with specific issues.

If you need any help with backend or general bubble stuff give me a shout, happy to share what I’ve learned. I’ve built a product ( entirely on bubble with paying customers who ask about security so I’ve got notes about that. I’ve also dealt with scaling issues (constantly!) and have workarounds etc. I’m no use on design and UX though, luckily I have my co-founder for that!

Oh also there are some bubble slack workspaces you might want to consider joining for quick help on specific stuff.

Hi @yoroanoke

Check out the roadmap: Bubble Developer Roadmap
It has an overview of everything you need to know including links to lots of free and paid resources to learn.
Good luck!