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Build screenshot into Bubble for learning and troubleshooting

It’s only taken a couple days with “visual programming” to realize that coding has at least one inherent advantage: everyone can easily look at the same code.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then visual programming has to be seen to be understood.

So when we try to explain what we’re thinking, or what’s going wrong, or just what happened, to someone else, we usually have trouble. I’ve seen people just go for it and produce terribly hard to follow written descriptions. I’ve seen people go to the trouble of sharing screen shots. I’ve seen people just log into someone else’s app and come back later saying “I changed stuff, go look at it.”

I think the Bubble community would get a lot of benefit out of having visual sharing features built into their visual programming platform. The simplest I can think of is the ability to capture a screenshot within Bubble, without having to use a different program, save the file, and upload it to the forum. The ability to capture animated gifs, like GifCam, would be even better.

An alternative might be to allow access to the undo list so that you can copy&paste an exact description of the series of actions you did in Bubble’s interface and share it with someone else. Bonus points if they can “animate” those actions to see what happened.

If you have a mac, you can use the keys Command+Control+Shift+4 to easily capture a screenshot. Then you can just hit Command+V to paste the screenshot directly into the forum entry form without having to save it to your computer then upload it.

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Yup. I was thinking of it as the beginning of a train of thought, not the end. The point being that a visual programming interface clearly could benefit from visual ways of sharing what people are thinking about.

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