Video version of the bubble "how to Build"

To all the bubble beginners out there, who wants the How to build series to be video format?
I have tried following the step by step in the writing format but I have been anabel to actually build the thing that I am trying to build, something goes wrong.
I would really appreciate it if we could have those in video format so we could follow along.
@emmanuel please help.



I am on there, but they don’t have all the specific ones. like the clones of all the popular platforms.

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be covering the entire clone series in a very big way @nali

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In what way?
Also if it’s going to be behind a paywall then not many people are going to benefit from it.
If we want the no code community to grow we need to look at the bigger picture.
Currently the bubble team runs boot camps but most people can’t afford them, so while they maybe making some money on the front end with these boot camps they are losing a lot more on on the back end. If more people are building with bubble more people will be paying subscription.
The way it currently looks is like the bubble team doesn’t have faith in thier own product and are trying to make a quick buck through the boot camps.