⚡ Buildcamp - Responsive Templates for Bubble

Hey Bubblers, we are super pleased to announce we have the following brand new 2021 premium templates that are all available to download right now.

Dashboard - Responsive Dashboard

Dashboard is fully responsive and modern premium Bubble dashboard template engineered in-house here by Buildcamp.

Features include:

  • A beautifully designed dashboard and landing page with modular blocks, repeating groups, pricing plans and login/ signup popup.
  • 3 flavours (colors) of a responsive dashboard page with multiple menu options. Each list has a search bar. The menu bar collapses on mobile and becomes a slider bar.
  • Includes a reset password and 404 page.

To download:










Spark - Responsive Landing Page

About Buildcamp

Gregory John — Co-founder and lead educator

Greg was one of the first Bubblers to raise VC funding for his startup in 2017. After building a profitable company, he set out to help other founders and startups to launch successfully using nocode. Greg currently teaches nocode at Yale’s Tsai Centre for Innovation, Bubble’s bootcamp as well as Buildcamp’s own build camp, which runs every 6 weeks.


James More — Co-founder and Lead product designer

James has more recently joined Buildcamp having served over a decade at the helm of eBay UK (London) heading up product design with past clients such as Yamaha, Monster Energy, Yankie Candles and Levi Jeans. James has a wealth of UI/UX experience in visual design and development and has since made the switch from conventional coding to be at the forefront of the nocode movement.



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With over 300+ copies now sold, our brand new ‘Mastering Design in Bubble’ is an essential resource for anyone wanting to learn how to build pixel-perfect web applications in Bubble.

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The Bubble Build Camp 02

The Bubble Build Camp is a 6 week bootcamp that includes 12 hours of live instruction, three expert led sessions on mastering design & working with API’s as well as guest appearances, a private Buildcamp cohort group, office hours and exclusive guides as well as 6 months premium membership to Buildcamp.

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Much love,

James and Gregory