Building a breadcrumb?

Has anyone built a breadcrumb? I’m wondering if this is even possible without being able to set pages in some type of hierarchy.

Are you referring to a WordPress like breadcrumb for blogs or pages? I’ve only done it for pages.
On my index page I have a text element with some of the text for the page and a read more button that navigates to the page.

I haven’t tried this, but for a blog you might want to try a repeating group with a few columns and fixed rows, have it sort descending, Cut the content if the element is not tall enough. This will give you the … effect

Place a read more button in the RG

I’m going to be trying this in the app that I’m busy with in about a weeks time. Hope it works.

I think he means …

So each one is clickable.

Manually - seems fairly straightforward, it is just a virtual hierarchy anyway. So internal links.

Automatically - would think you could build meta-data into a data type, that looked up the page you are on and told you what the parent was… but dynamically presenting that would be interesting, as there are variable levels.


I did on this way:

text [home] -> “section name” -> “article name”

Every one is a link, and they’re dynamic

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You’re right @NigelG. Thought I was having a brain wave and being clever, meanwhile it was a brain fart.

I had the same issue. Since you can not create dynamic length links, it looks really bad!

I used a simple text field and placed the links via a rich text editing. Now I have four links in the same line and with different string lengths :slight_smile:



I achieved it the same way,but the main issue for me is that when you put a link in a text object (using “[url=…” BBCode), it opens it in a new tab even if its an internal page.
Were you able to overcome this ?

I have got the same behavior but for my site it is fine.

I use parameters passed in the URL to build my bread crumbs in the past. This way the bread crumb is set dynamiclly. This is especially useful if you building a one page app


Would you mind to elaborate how you managed to do the breadcrumb dynamically?

I am having troubles doing it.

Many thanks in advance!

I’m trying to work through this with a single-page web app as you mentioned. But i can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I know this was a while back, have you found a solution for breadcrumb trail?