Building a Lemlist alternative with Bubble

I’m excited to share that we recently launched, an alternative to Lemlist, built with Bubble ! Just two months since our launch, our app is now serving nearly a thousand users. Each of these users is sending thousands of emails every month through our platform.

This success showcases the incredible potential of Bubble for building powerful, scalable applications. If you have a great idea, there are no more excuses – start building with Bubble today!

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That looks very well done!

Quick question. I’m building an affiliate platform and wondered how you handle the email aspect?

I created an Azure app for mail send but aren’t 100% sure how to know if an affiliate prospect replies to an email and how I get that back into the bubble app…

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the landing page for the website , Done by or WordPress ?

Thanks :slight_smile: We use AWS to handle the email aspect

We use Webflow better for SEO

Does Webflow have more advantages in design than WordPress?