Webflow or bubble?


I am new to all the #nocode movement. Seems exciting. I have a project that is something of a product hunt clone, not exactly that but similar.

Should i use webflow or bubble? I went thru the onboarding of bubble and liked it, but can someone give me some opinion here and help a newbie out?

Last time I checked Webflow, it wasn’t set up to handle user accounts or user generated content very well. If that’s key to you, Bubble had you covered.

Webflow is great, and arguably simpler to make good looking sites than Bubble. Bubble allows you to make more complex sites.

Webflow CMS makes it easy to display “slowly changing” data (blogs, products etc) but as above, once you start to need more interaction it becomes harder.

Many people use Zapier <> Airtable to provide this, but it is doesn’t come close to Bubble’s internal database.