Building a mail engine for bubble

The typical process to try and send emails from bubble:

  1. Try and use bubbles own ‘send email’ action, it’s great delivers (sometimes) but it comes from - annoying!

  2. Try and use Sendgrid so you can add a custom domain, like bubble suggests in their docs, send grid is just a bit old school and over technical.

  3. Find Postmark app! Smile! Yes it’s great and it syncs with bubble super nice, but theres something missing, how can one actually compose an email from either within bubble or postmark?

You can’t.

So I’m building it!

I’d love to get your thoughts on this subject, has anyone else been in this position?

Let me know if you would like to try my beta!

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Interesting - Postmark was acquired by ActiveCampaign (which does these types of decision-driven flows but ActiveCampaign is heavyweight and consequently expensive for features you don’t use.)

Have you come across Postmark’s Template system? and could consider using the Postmark API to manage the templates but edit those templates in Bubble?

This follows the emerging Bubble use case of “Bubble is great for config management, but do all the compute processing outside of Bubble to manage your WU”

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Ah interesting. I did wonder why they didn’t have any type of mail editor, composer or sequence builder within postmark.

But yes 100% my plan is to utilise post mark templates and enable the user to quickly and easily drop mail sequences for their apps :metal:

Goal is lightweight, no extra features, needed and to make it affordable for peaople like Myself who need multiple flows and lists and sequences for multiple products.