What is everyone using to create Email Blasts / Email Marketing features?

Curious what others are using to allow users to send Email Blasts / Marketing Emails, what you like or dislike about it and how you are sending the large list of emails from your bubble to the service (likely using Sendgrid / mailgun type of an API)?

Thinking we can all learn a little something from each other here, cheers!


I’m about to fiddle with Postmark for an upcoming project. The pricing looks better than Sendgrid and the sendability stats seem higher. I’ll post back here when I get it set up.


I love Postmark, deliverability, speed of delivery and quality of customer support is all great. Happy to help if you have any questions with it :+1:

But I think it is, or at least was, more of a transactional email service and not meant for email blasts to thousands of emails but maybe they have a new option?

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I’d be curious to hear your thoughts as well – especially on the bulk mailing functionality - as I believe they’ve been focused only on transactional emails until recently.

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Funny part of all this is that I am actually on the Beta for Bulk Sending, which I love for 2-2,000 emails for my customers (usually when they send an email to their Event Attendees). But I think it might abuse Postmark’s system and intended design if any of my software users can all of a sudden email 20,000 emails through Postmark that are strictly marketing.

Plus the 500 email limit per API call makes it a challenge in large numbers, unless someone has some ideas on how to easily find and paginate the emails?

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I have zero experience with Postmark but was considering it, so I appreciate your insights.

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Now I am also considering using an API where I can create email Lists for each SaaS customer. It would mean I need to regularly update the list with email which is a pain, but sending an email would be quick and have no drain on Bubble capacity with just a single API call.

Lots of ways to do this…

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@gf_wolfer and @andrewgassen - either of you ever end up building this feature? About to start and would appreciate any insight on how you implemented it.

My suggestion would be to use Postmark’s Message Streams or Broadcasts and recursive workflows within Bubble.

I stuck with Postmark’s Broadcast message streams which is working great, but to not abuse it I put limits on my Users so they can only send 5,000 emails per month.
For Users that need more I tell them to use a dedicated email marketing software and just do a simple integration to feed the emails into their email lists since they probably want a more robust marketing software than what I am willing to build


I think of email as falling into 3 categories:

  1. Transactional: unique message for a single user as a result of something they do (receipt for purchase, password reset, signup confirmation, etc)
  2. Broadcast: blast email to your existing users that is informational in nature (terms of service update, newsletter, product update)
  3. Marketing: blast email to non-users, intended to get them to become customers/users

I use Postmark, but not for #3 (marketing). Postmark says it shouldn’t be used for marketing emails (they don’t offer marketing campaign features and don’t want their deliverability screwed up by possibly spammy marketing stuff). They recommend Mailchimp for marketing email. Constant Contact is another marketing sender, and I am going to try them.


This :point_up:

Yup I agree. For my use case, we have a white-label hiring portal for schools. Want to enable users to send email invites to their existing partners to get them on the platform and then monthly emails about new candidates. Think I’ll be going with Postmark for this case since their pricing is affordable. Thanks for the feedback @gf_wolfer @ed727 @johnny .