Need an online lesson please - Postmark API

After watching hours of videos I’m still not confident setting up APIs. What I’d like to learn is:

  • how to connect bubble to postmark using APIs so I can:
  • show my users when their emails have been delivered, opened or bounced
  • receive inbound emails via postmark and display to relevant user in my app
  • automate the process of users requesting to send emails via their own domain

Are there any educators on here who are familiar with setting up the above, who would be available over the weekend to show me how to complete these?

If so, please let me know costs too :slight_smile:

James Devonport.

It’s all solved now, but… :man_shrugging:

Thanks @rico.trevisan, I was reading this yesterday, I won’t have the same issue as James’ user sending a lot of emails so not concerned about this. I’ve found Postmark to be a billion times better than SendGrid, so would like to continue with my route.

So any educators, I’d still like to hear thank you

Ooops, I misread your initial post. I thought you were starting your journey, but you’ve already covered all the basics.

I think you’re entering more advanced land. I would ping @jamesdevonport; maybe he’s got some ideas.

Check the Coaching page

I know that @boston85719 have API Experience and may help you.

Thanks @Jici for the mention.

I unfortunately do not have the experience with Postmark. I was looking into diving into it a few months back as I was in the process of deciding on what email service to use, and I decided on SendGrid instead of Postmark. I chose SendGrid as it was cheaper, and if in a future of the app gaining traction, it is much cheaper to get on a dedicated IP with SendGrid as the monthly minimum is a couple hundred USD less than Postmark.

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Anyone around to teach me this? :pray:

Or use that one, which comes with au automated deployment script to configure your AWS account.

I am far from an expert, but I have setup a few Postmark API’s to track some messages.
I used their documentation which I found to be helpful. They have a spot where you can test all your calls from their website (as long as you have your token).
I believe I just used the CURL they provide and pasted that into each API Connector Call.

Here is my API call where I simply get all outbound messages:

I then put that into a Repeating Group, and in that RG, if the user clicks for more info, I run this API call:

This call will return delivered, open, links clicked, and a few other actions if I recall. As long as your message body uses HTML.
I use the Postmark plug-in for sending email. If you do not use the HTML body, Postmark cannot track opens and links I believe.
(Because Postmark tracks by inserting a tiny HTML “pixel” in the body for tracking, and if you don’t have the HTML body it will not insert it.)

Maybe this info will help?


@ratsoundsystems You truly don’t know how much you have helped me! I’ve managed to do it and I’m so grateful, thanks so much

Can you possibly message me on how you did this? I’ve been looking on how to do this for months, gave up, and now this thread gives me hope :slight_smile:

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