Building a marketplace

Hello everyone!
Im a software dev but the idea I had was something I didnt want to waste 3+ months coding and im new to no-code.

I want to implement some Beta features:
Buy & Sell products
Sell services
Review & rate system
Dashboard (seller & buyer)
Favorites, Cart & Checkout

How do I structure my data base for the 2 types of accounts (seller & buyer) so it can show certain buttons for sellers and not show them for buyers?

Can I also curate (seller) account features based on the selected paid plan on bubble?

Is there any free resources that go further in depth? Ive been sitting on this problem for a bit and im just about close to just code from scratch. Cheers and Thank you!

Hey there. This is something easily done with bubble. For the data structure, there are a couple of data types you will need (from what I can understand and all this is just based on assumption and previous experience)


  • price
  • name
  • seller
  • quantity


  • user
  • product
  • rating (out of 5 of example. number field)
  • written review


  • User
  • list of products
  • quantities

Those seem to be the fundamentals you would need for something like this. As far as having two types of accounts you can create a new field in the user DB called account and have it either seller or buyer and use conditions on the page to show specific items or restrict certain pages all together. As far as paid plans in bubble, I dont have any experience but i dont think it would be too difficult with stripe or something similar to that. After a transaction is complete, it will change a value in the DB. You can have similar to account type, account level 1, 2, or 3 for example. Or free, paid, premium. Something to specify which plan it is. Hope this points you in the right direction.

There are a few tutorial if you search bubble marketplace tutorial or something similar to that. What you are trying to create would be categorized as a marketplace.

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Yes, you can have a look at, there are some useful and straight to the point tutorials around marketplace and payment. @Nocodify

There are also some nearly ready to go template for marketplaces. Some are free, some aren’t.