Building a School Bus tracker need help

Hi Everyone,

I am super newbie to bubble and I was surprised to see bubble can do anything.

I am building s School Bus tracking and I will be creating 3 panels

  1. Admin
  2. For Parents
  3. For Drivers.

Currently I am on the admin section. I am following the uber tutorial. I am facing a single issue and I hope someone can help me out

Admin has to create bus routes. Admin needs to add maximum of 6 stops.
Q1) How can I create fields where admin can add stops.
Q2) How to display bus routes to bus driver and parents.

Thanks in advance.

What is defined as a stop? Just an address?

Depends? Do you need it in a map?

Hi @johnny

Q1) Yes, the stop will be an address, which will picked up from Google Maps integration.
Q2) We will be making a mobile app in bubble where parents can view the routes and live-track bus real-time position .

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