Building a Seatmap? Doe's anyone know how?

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Does anyone know how to build a seatmap into a ticketing platform on bubble? A few clients are asking about this feature and we’re wanting to add it to the platform!


To get a truly interactive experience you will want to have a custom plugin built around an interactive SVG element that exposes the selected seats as states. Contact me if you are interested. We will require an illustration of the seating layout to reproduce in the interactive SVG.


It’s not a crazy thing to implement. What shape are your seats I wonder? Rows/Column? Amphitheater?


Definitely, a pure Bubble solution could be hacked together in a reusable composed of nested repeating groups of fixed sizes. It would be a lot more linear than the actual seating layout, but could do in a pinch; especially as a PoC.

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Start off making the actual seat map via CSS/HTML.

Paste it into your project, create a function for when the seat is clicked, send that function over to bubble with a toolkit plugin by making a custom bubble function or adapting into your own plugin. Pretty simple if you know how to code a little.

TEST SeatMap (

This is just an example with some functionality.

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I’m looking at using something like this potenitally to trigger our database on selection. Do you think this is possible or something you could do?

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Send me a DM and we can talk about it. It’s definitely an app within an app.

When it’s not possible on Bubble, we can always make something custom then embed it within the application.

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