Building an app - "you shouldn't change pages"

I am completely new to this. I’m building an app that’s basically a searchable database. Bubble gave me a pop up regarding apps which says “You shouldn’t change pages in the app. Instead, use groups that you hide and show to take the user to other sections.”

What does that mean? Where and how do I do that? Am I basically just building on one page over and over again?

You are replacing the “page” with a “group” - so each app “page” is actually a “group”.

Instead of going from one Bubble page to another as you navigate, you hide and show groups. You can control this is various ways, but having a custom state of the current virtual “page” is probably easiest.

Each group can then show itself only when its page is the current page, using a custom state.

You can put the groups on the page one after the other, and select “collapse when hidden” so that they only show the current one.

Hope that makes sense !

Note that this is for bubble apps that are going to be proper “apps” rather than web pages. For proper apps you can’t swap pages. Although the technique is just as useful for web apps too, just not as strict.


be carefull when building a native app (apps for iOS or Android) in bubble. let me explain:

I did the same, built my native app following the instructions of the pop up, (hiding and showing groups based on states). when i finished my app i contacted them and started to look at how to export my app in to something i can upload to AppStore and PlayStore. When bubble answer me, they send me an out of date .zip file to use in phonegap (phonegap is a tool to convert html webs in to native apps ready for publish to the stores), the .zip file didn’t work, it returns errors and errors. I went to the codeless academy and codefree startup academy, went through their respective courses i found the same, i the case of iOS, a .zip file not working, and in the case of android, you download and app the load a webpage with in the app, wich is really disappointing. Reading in the forum, the best solution is the WebView (an app that loads you web page), this is not a native app, this is more like a work around. Anyway the thing is in all cases, building your app hiding and showing groups is a waste of time, because this was a workaround to use with phonegap, which is out of date.

I am now creating my native app in dropsource using bubble as a backend, within to weeks i am been able to sign/log users, get a list of custom searched users, send data to bubble and make changes to things. so i am really happy with dropsource, the help from the team has been top. All the time used building my app in bubble made me learn a lot about how bubble works, and it is an incredible tool, but regarding the native apps, things are not as clear as they should.

just get information before building a native app.


Ok, thanks for the info.

This may only be true in your situation but Bubble is primarily designed to create web apps. For that purpose the group solution is far superior over pages.

Having groups in a page to act as ‘pages’ is definitely not a waste of time.


I’m making a native app not a web app. Is Bubble good for that?

You can’t built “native apps” in Bubble. You’re building a website that gets wrapped by something like Phonegap or GoNative, so it’s technically a Hybrid app. I try to shy away from hybrid solutions if at all possible, the performance just isn’t there and you don’t get offline support.

@Andrew Ok thanks for clarifying.

Do you know anything about making lists? I want to make an approved list and a denied list. When the user does a search, if the item is on the approved list, they see the approved screen. If the item isn’t on either list, they get the error page. That can be done here right?

It looks like I can make the app in Dropsource and somehow link it to the lists I make here. Right?

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