Making mobile native app, I need help

Hello Bubblers,

So i was working and testing some things on my app. At the and i want to make an website that is accesible via the internet and i am also going to wrap it into a downloadable native mobile app. As you have the choice to select : “This page is a native app”, should i set all the pages to native pages or not as it is accesible as a website and a wrapped downloadable app.

I also do not know what this really does. On the internet i saw a video of someone who wrapped his bubble app into a mobile app and only used groups to show different screens and not different pages. For example when you click on the my profile icon, it does not open a new page, but it opens a group. Is it something like that? How does it work and how can i make something like that

So i am new to this and actually need some good information about these options: select or unselect “this page is a native app”, Using pages or groups (website and native mobile app). I hope someone can help me out!

I thank you all,


If I’m not wrong and depending on your wrapper, changing page into a native app may cause some bug/crash and a will be slower than using groups.
So if you had already built your app with multiple pages you should keep the checkbox uncheck otherwise Bubble will not let you push your app to live with page redirection.

So i will give an example: if you click the account icon you have to see another screen ofcourse. How can i achieve this with a group? Do you have any ideas about this?

Maybe this thread will gives you some answers.
Otherwise try to make some searches with those keywords “single page app using state or condition”

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