How to change pages on a native app / mobile app

Hey guys

How can i change pages making a mobile app on bubble? For example when a user needs to login and be able to see the home page?


for mobile is recommended to use hidden groups instead of pages. You will have everything in the index page and hide and show groups depending of the user status and actions. :slight_smile:

You don’t happen to have a video or some sort of a editor, where i can have a better look at how it’s done? :smiley:

Thank you very much! But i’m kinda new to bubble so i was actually meaning some tutorial to create that new page you were talking about. The group thing :wink:

Hello there,

Here is a link to a template created by ‘Top Shelf Templates’, it shows you the work flow of how to use show/hide groups. It is very basic, and I would recommend creating your own version, when you are ready to do so…but for what you are asking it’s perfect.

Just add the template to your account, create a new app and select the template from the dropdown box that will appear under the section to name your new app.

Hope this helps, it definitely helped me.


Also @Bluflame_Labs,

I’m really liking your design on that app, very visually appealing :+1:

Nice work on that.


I’m realizing that I need to pursue the native app method. It’s super helpful to see how great a native app can look!