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Building an audio streaming app, need external plugins built


I am working on an audio streaming social network like Soundcloud or Spotify. For the most part I am able to build out what I need with Bubble native tools, but there are some features which will need custom plugins. I am looking for someone to code these plugins.

I know about general app concepts but am not too familiar with coding languages, so I would like to give somebody my requirements, and they can determine how to execute.

The first issue to solve is, I want to build a sticky footer that has continuous audio playback when navigating the site, just like Soundcloud/Spotify. If you are able to create this feature, let me know and we can discuss working arrangements.

Thank you

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Hi Alex,
This is right up my alley of expertise and I would be interested in building out this plugin for you.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

Hey Andrew can you make this plugin available for public sale? Let me know if this is possible!

Hey @alexd.ramirez

I released a free plugin a few weeks ago:

I don’t know exactly how you have your app laid out, but if you put the audio player inside of a floating group, the audio will play as long as you’re not navigating off of the page. The plugin doesn’t have an autoplay feature yet. If you’re willing to sponsor it (if that is something you would need), let me know. Also, I’d be happy to chat about the project in general if you’re looking for some help. Feel free to send me a pm.

Hey, @alexd.ramirez were you ever able to get this build made? I’m in a similar situation.