Looking for a coder for a Plugin Development

I’m looking to seek advice or hire someone to code a bubble plugin for me. So currently there are plugins for searching through spotify, itunes, youtube, etc and showing the results from a search query. I wanted something similar to these but i wanted a plugin that can show the result of Spotify, Youtube, Itunes, Soundcloud and bandcamp all in one plugin.

I also in future want to be able to link these search queries to a music player on my app to be instantly played by just clicking a button next to it. So the plugin would need to gather the data to link to actually playing the song too. As well as information and pictures like the other Plugins.

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So a music player that seamlessly combines all these services and can switch between playing from each service.

I can help.
You can reach me on Skype: cisin.justin or Email:justin@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss this further.

I’ll add you on skype now

HEY PWC My other account cant reply to messages for 22 hours because its a new account so my email is Alexbowgen.business@Gmail.com

I have sent you a demo app.

Does the demo app API have the ability to play those services search results in the bubble default music player?

i added my youtube data API key but the repeating group you sent doesnt seem to be setup. It didnt work. You have no data source set? is it meant to be like that

Check the conditions tab, you will need all the services keys as i set it so that once the search input changes it searches apple & spotify and sets a state for each, once the state for either isnt empty then youtube will search the get api (you can see the data source as set in the RG’s conditions tab)

okay so i need to add the api keys for all of them, for the search to work at all?

Also how will i get these search results to play in the default media player?

yes, that’s correct.

Remembering this is a crude demo to show you the search side of things, you will see the rg show the url’s of results in text. I have placed the default media player in the rg so you can play each one. this can become a button that changes a page state to the cells url and the player can be pointed to the state if needed.

okay, ill try playing them once ive added the last api key for apple music, which seems harder to get to atm.

Is apple music search just Itunes?

I assume so, I have not used the apple search plugin before. If it helps just remove the apple plugin, action & conditional data reference.

im not sure exactly the lines im supposed to remove to get rid of the apple search features since i dont fully understand what your wrote in. lol im trying to learn fast

Also if i dont reply use my email above as this account may reach the limit on replies soon.

Does this look right to you with the apple search removed?

https: //pasteboard.co/I69tNtZ.png

Well this does not look right that is for certain.

i just uploaded a screenshot of the app settings lol

i didnt know you could do it directly on here

pasteboard is just an image upload site didnt think it would flag up like that.

But anyways does that look right to you? the settings i took out.

i just get this error

Also please respond to my email this account has ran out of replies now.

I really appreciate all the help you have given me so far though.