Seeking recommendations for reputable Bubble Agency or Developer

Does anyone have any recommendations on reputable agencies or developers that can build a customized audio file uploader into my app? I’m looking to hire someone and there are so many agencies so I’d like to find one that people have had a great experience with.

Sounds like you’re looking for a plugin developer, for which @nocodeventure may have an offering you like.


I have a closed project I have been working on the past year about. It transcribes audio and puts it into waveforms on your page. You can then split those wave forms into stems, and edit, or manipulate them in basically any way (even add comment, labels, etc). Is that something you are looking for? A good example would be SoundCloud’s audio player. I basically rebuilt it.

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That’s not exactly what I’m looking for here but sounds like it could be useful for what I’m doing. I’d love to check it out. Is it live?

No it’s not. Shoot me a DM and I’ll let you check out my dev build.