Building Gingr App in Bubble

Gingr is a dog boarding, daycare, grooming management app. Here are some resources to Gingr to those who are not familar:

  1. Gingr interface videos:
  2. Gingr Website:

My question is whether it is possible to create something like this in Bubble? How time, money and resource intensive would this be?

A Bubble Newbie

Yes, doesn’t seem like there would be anything stopping you.

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It depends on how much functionality you want. It will be ready and working within weeks, you can get a review from top bubble agency, Airdev

And if you want to study bubble @AirDev is also providing a quality BootCamp for free. bubble bootcamp


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Thank you, just joined their bootcamp

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My Bubble newbie status is currently stopping me but I am slowly learning :slight_smile:

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