Building with Bubble and Knack

Hi there,
So we have an amazing tech guy who is building a Bubble website that integrates with a Knack portal. The issue is he had a head injury and is out of action for an unknown number of time. He was in the middle of launching a brand new portal and our business is half on the old and half in the new. yeah its a bit of a mess and basically we need help.

All of our new landing pages are built in bubble and as we ‘deploy to live’ we get an error message about the knack integration.

Is there someone out there who is truly familiar with both Bubble and Knack? Does anyone have any advice on how to get us out of this situation? Is there somewhere we can go to find how to integrate knack and bubble properly?


Since both do more or less the same (bubble being the overall better solution and knack having some pros when it comes to database) I would build both the front and the back in bubble unless that is actually faster than having it in Bubble but I doubt it.

Bubble basically does what knack does but better.

Yes that could be our long term solution but for RIGHT NOW we need some one who understands both so we can just go and fix the current issues so that our launch can go smoothly. We’re half way through our launch and now at a total stand still until we can find someone who can help.

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