Anyone familiar with Knack?

A client I was working with has discovered Knack but I’d never heard of it. Is anyone in here familiar enough with it to provide some feedback on points I could make on its Knack’s limitations compared to Bubble’s capabilities.

Thanks for any feedback received.


maybe try link it next time
it looks trashy af

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Yeah i should have posted the link. Sorry about that. What makes it trashy AF? LOL

Hey @gnelson,

I’ve used Knack in the past. The biggest obvious difference is that Bubble has many more options to customize how you want your workflow to run, User Interface, etc. Whereas Knack is somewhat bare-bones in the sense that you cannot change the design much. The price isn’t worth what you get out of Knack. If you compare Bubble to Knack is pricing terms, Bubble offers much more for your money. I could go on about how Bubble is superior to Knack, just would depend on what you were looking for.

Hope this helps a bit.