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Hi Guys - New bubbler here. According to the video we’re allowed to click an element within a reusable component (eg - Sign up button inside reusable header). However, when I start the workflow to show the signup popup from said button I don’t have the option to select the signup popup element?

As you can see below I don’t have access to the signup popup element in the dropdown. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

Loving the community and platform so far.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @rew.nudelman

Welcome to Bubble!

You’re not doing anything wrong. Reusable elements are self contained and cannot easily communicate outside of its own group. So your popup is outside of the group and you need a way to tell it to open from inside the reusable. Two options:

  1. Rather build your popup inside of the reusable element, good option for login / sign up buttons

  2. Use a plugin that will let you trigger an action outside of your reusable element (I built the Reusable Communicator plugin for this purpose)



Welcome to the community!

As @robhblake indicated, reusables are self contained and thus require alternative ways to communicate with outside elements.

These are the ways that they can be interacted with:

  • Url parameters via “get data from page url”
  • Custom states inside the reusable that can be accessed from the outside
  • Custom events via the action “trigger a custom event from a reusable element”
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Hey @rew.nudelman :wave:

Also, something to check, is the signup/login popup on the page yet?

If it’s not on the page, it won’t show up in your list. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks guys! This was helpful. I went back to the video tutorial and saw that the pop up was in fact placed inside the reusable header. Thanks again.

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