Bulk DELETE via API request

Hi everyone,

I know we can bulk POST via this url:


Is there anything similar I can use to bulk DELETE things from the database? I looked it up and it seems it’s not straightforward, but I can’t manage to set it up.

Any help?

DELETE https://{appname}/api/1.1/obj/partiallisting/{_id}

Where id is the unique ID of the row.

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I was looking for something bulk without the need to specify the id!
But it looks like it’s not possible!


How would bubble know what one to delete?

You need to do a pipeline of Read Id > Delete Id. Use Parabola?

Yes I’ll do it like this with python…
I was thinking something like make a search with constraints and delete the result, but I’ll just do it with iterating through the values of the get response and use the unique id.


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