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Delete things from different tables

Hello guys,
I’m a bit lost with deletion on bubble.
i have 2 tables:
request: name, unique_id
document:file, file_name, request_id

they are linked by request.unique_id=document.request_id

when i suppress a request i need that all document with document.request_id = to this request id to be deleted .

I dont find the way to proceed with bubble and workflow. Hope somebody can understand and help me.



Hey Olivier,

have you tried “Delete a list of things” in the workflow section? You could search for all documents for that request_id and delete them.

Many greetings.

yep i’ve tried with no results each time everything is red and cant find the way to have it work.
I did a do a search for document with request_id but still remain red

What does the error message say?

you were right i use delete list of things and now it works !

Glad it helped :wink:

thanks for giving me the little helps i need :wink:

Sure :wink: You’re welcome.