DELETE method of the "API Connector" plugin

I’m new to bubble and I’m building a simple application for testing.

The application consists of adding information from a Register in a “Database”

For that as a “database” I am using the Google sheet spreadsheet. To convert this spreadsheet into an API, I’m using the website. And the bubble plugin that is being used is the API Connector.

It turns out that the Get and Post method I managed to do without much difficulty, but I am not able to configure the DELETE method.

The URL that makes available to me is as follows:{Object ID]

However the parameters I am not able to configure, at least not dynamically, only if I pass a specific value through the URL.

Here is an image of what is being done:

Can someone help me?

What exactly is the issue you’re having?

Currently you don’t have a value in the Object ID field.

Have you initialized the API call yet?

If you want to allow the Object ID to by entered dynamically in workflows yo uneed to uncheck the ‘private’ box.

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Hi all,
I see this thread is from a while back, but did you ever get the “DELETE” function sheety API to work? I am really struggling with this. in sheety docs it says “To delete a row, perform a DELETE request to the row endpoint”. What is this referring to so I may add it into the workflow for the sheety API Delete function. Thanking you in advance. (my API delete runs, but nothing happens (no row deleted)