Bulk edit a list of datatypes

Hi, I have a datatype called “Programs”, there are around 20,000 “Programs”.

Programs have a datafield called “Enabled” which is a “enabled/not enabled” (option set) field and a “Country” datafield.

I want all programs with USA country to be “enabled”.

I tried to make changes to list of programs when page is loaded but the app throws an “app is to busy” error and do not do the changes.

Any ideas on how to get this done? I tried also to do it using backend workflows but apparently, this only works to change one single thing, I am trying to change 20,000 things. Mabe there is another way.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, @pachocastillosr,

You can use recursive workflows, this allows you to change each item (more complex conditions), and as many entries you have without messing with your app´s capacity :grinning: :computer:

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The Bulk function in the app data section

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