Bulk POST to API - Use Primary Field values instead of Unique IDs

Hi all,

I do a fair bit of work with Integromat, and I noticed that when trying to do a bulk post via the API, that despite Bubble letting me use the primary values when setting values within the Bubble interface, it’s an entirely different ballgame when trying to set these values outside of Bubble.

This is my data type setup, as you can see Invoices have a primary field of InvoiceID and Contacts have a primary field of ContactID.

Here’s a snippet of my invoice data structure

Now when I run my data externally, I have all the relevant data I need to fill in these fields in Bubble.

So hence when I tried doing my Bulk POST API call to Bubble, I was surprised to find my invoice database giving errors for my Contact ID, and it appears it would be because the value it needs is the unique ID from Bubble, as per this search I did on a row in Bubble.

Trying to get these unique ID’s and then match them back to the contacts and then parsing it all will be a rather large and inefficient process.

Hence my suggestion here is if we as Bubblers choose a primary field that is not the field’s unique ID, then that should also open the API to allow us to post the values in that field value, rather than the unique ID.

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Add it to the Ideaboard (link).

Sweet, done!

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