Bulk Upload Static List CSV/JSON

Hello All,

I am building out a property management site and need to add the same list of tasks to each new property that I create. These tasks are broken down into 3 sections, base tasks, buyer tasks, and seller tasks. After playing around for a bit, I have been able to accomplish my desired result by using the “upload from CSV” function but that requires the user to manually upload a file for each new property. The base tasks will always be the same for each property. The seller and buyer tasks are also always the same lists. These would be attached based on the corresponding dropdown option the user selects. Is there a way I can accomplish this without requiring the user to upload a file every time? In total, there are approximately rows.

TLDR: I want to add a predefined “list of items” items to the database every time a new thing of type “property” is created, without requiring the user to upload any files.

So after continuously banging my head against the wall and spending many hours searching through this forum, I think there are two solutions to this problem.

  1. Use the “copy a list of things” workflow
  2. Schedule an API to copy a list of tasks.

Solution 1 - Copy a List of Things
Thoughts: I am going to give this a try by adding a “base task” boolean to the Tasks Data Type. I foresee this causing an issue though, because I want to add different sets of tasks based on the property type. I may just need to make the “base task” field of type text so i can use it as a label. That sounds like it may work, at least in my headspace.

Pros (maybe): This is a flatter DB structure being that I am working within the same Data Type.

Downsides/Issues: I was hoping to keep my “Base Tasks” Data Type separate from my main “Tasks” Data Type. This would make it easier to maintain, imo, since I can more quickly access that data without needing to do an extensive amount of filtering. However, the “Copy a List of Things” workflow does not support copying from one Data Type to another (Base Tasks -> Tasks). That leads to solution 2.

Solution 2 - Schedule an API
There are many articles on the forum referencing this process, however, none that I have found seem to provide thorough step by step guidance on how to wire this up. This solution is still a big “?”.

Theoretical Pros: I can keep my “Base Tasks” separate from the main Tasks list. From an admin/data management standpoint this seems cleaner and easier.

Cons: From all of the posts I have combed through about APIs used in this fashion. It seems to be a convoluted process prone to issues if not done correctly.

Will circle back after I have tested solution 1. Hopefully i’ll be a little less frustrated.

Solution 1 worked with a very low LOE. I am just going to stick with that for the time being until I can wrap my head around the API workflows. The tedious part now is just updating all of my filters for the dozen or so repeating groups I am using to filter out the “base tasks”.