Copy a list of things (This field is a list) to a fresh table

Need to copy a sublist to a main list, Not able to achieve through my current way of copy a thing

I just did this on a large list…if your list is only 6 items I would do it manually…however if needed for a large list you would need to set up an api workflow, but also need to create a search and sort to isolate which items should be copied

The main problem you are probably experiencing is that the data types are obviously different so it would be able to just copy it unless you only copy the text

API workflow is not an option on hobby plan and the data list is large (records are big) so any idea to automate the same is helpful.

Data type is all = TEXT

Is this a one off copy ? Or are you doing it each time the user does something ?

Having the same field in multiple places can make things tricky. Can have a single table with the card type, and then have a list of card types ?

API workflow is the way to go though if not.

you simply want to transfer all the text values from one data type to another data type?

Is there anything in the two different data types that are the same? ie: there is a data field in both with a name that is matching?

If so, you need to do something somewhat complicated to get a repeating group of one data type to populate dependent on if there is a correlating match from the second data type.

If not, and you really just want to take a data field of card type ( text ) from data type 1 and transfer that information to data type 2 into a data field of card type ( text ) then create a button that you press with a workflow to make a change to a thing.

Its for one time, As the database structure got changed

Yes!!, Transfer “Card” sub database of “User” as rows in “Card Database”

make a R.G. with users. put a button into the R.G.

workflow on button press

make change to “card database”

card ( assuming you have in your card database a data field of card as text ) = currentcell’s users card

Can you do CSV uploads in hobby ?

I think you can not…I don’t remember clearly but I recall it not being enabled, maybe things have changed.

If so, the upload even on personal plan requires 100 rows or less, so if they were to do this, they would need to structure their files to be of 100 items or less and upload multiple files. I do this and it works out fine…can get a couple thousand entries uploaded in under 20 minutes

If not, could be worth spending 1 months cost on a plan upgrade and then after uploading downgrade to hobby plan again

Not possible, API and CSV is restricted in hobby plan

It works, but each card row will contain all card types (bulk text, comma separated), As make multiple thing with a list is not possible in bubble without API. So far only trialed way in Bring the data to a Repeating group and merge it then add to database…

Set up a page with a button that transfers one row … get a “robot” to press the button for you.

how to get the “robot” to do it in bubble?


That shouldn’t be happening if each user only had one card associated with their account.

It sounds to me like what you are really trying to accomplish is to make it so that your users account which currently has a card type as a text data field is actually a relational database structure so that the user account instead would have a card data field which is a relation to card data type.

So you first need to create a data type of card. Enter all the possible cards users may choose between ( shouldn’t be a big list ) have a data field of text for the name of card and whatever other types of data fields you find necessary such as ID and sort order

Then you need to have a new data field of card = card on the user account.

You will need to create a workflow to make it so that the user account data field of card ( type card ) = do a search for cards whose name = users account data field card ( text )

so the name in the users account for card ( text ) is getting matched to the name of the card data type

“Robot” idea worked, Made a Do every “1” seconds, to complete the sync copy with some conditional arguments to stop it (on count 0 in db it will stop, so each action will copy to new table and delete from old sub table)

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Very clever, I had overlooked a Bubble “robot” and was thinking about a Web Automation macro.