Is there a "Create copy of list" to another table/data type?

Hi fellow bubblers!

Is there a “Create copy of list” to another table/data type?
This tutorial shows how to copy a list within a table/data type.

How can you do that, just from one table to the other (where the data fields match)? What has the best performance?


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For me, the best way is to “Schedule API workflow on a list”. You can configure a very complex backend workflow, choose the list you want and everything will be done server-side.

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thanks! Good that you answer that, because that’s what I’m currently doing, so can’t be too far off. It works for me, however, it is too slow.

I need to copy/transfer about 100 items with each of them having 5 data fields. That takes more than a minute unfortunately. Is there a faster way to do that? I got the Personal Plan if that helps.


This is something that you pretend do recursively or it is a one-time-job?
Do the user needs to wait for it to end? Or is something that Bubble do in parallel?

That’s something that Users do always before a certain process/workflow (questionnaire) if they choose to do that one. So could be more often. This process should be done before they start the workflow/process.

What is taking so long probably is the creation of the list. Even if the workflow that will run in this list is happening in backend, the process of create and send this list is too slow. And this is normal!

What you can try to do is, instead of create and send the entire list to the backend, send just the parameters that your backend need to generate this list itself. So this process (that is taking time) will happens in the backend and your user will not notice.

Make sense?

Hm… Don’t I just send parameters with “Schedule API Workflow on a list”? I defined a list to run on and from there I pick the 5 fields I need. I think only those are sent to backend.