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Bundle editor changes with engine changes in a new version

Over the last few months, many community members have been complaining here on the forum and elsewhere online—most notably, on Twitter/X—about buggy releases getting pushed by Bubble’s team directly to the editor and making for a pretty bad developer experience. This morning’s post by @marina.ebusiness sums the sentiment up perfectly:


I’d like to propose a very simple solution to the problem.

Dear Bubble, please bundle any changes to the editor together with new updates to the Bubble Engine and allow us to upgrade to both at the same time via Settings > Versions instead of force feeding us the buggy, half-baked editor stuff when it’s the least convenient and can impact what we do in a very negative way.

Thanks for listening.

cc @josh @emmanuel


Okay, now that the dynamic data button is broken, which pretty much prevents anyone using Bubble from getting any productive work done, can we finally get Bubble the company to commit to this?