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Business Ideas - Senior Scam Protection

Heya folks,

There is one big problem where even I stumbled across multiple times a day. The new hype of internet scams. Even though I’m always careful and know where to check whether it’s a real text message/mail or phone call, I am still sometimes a little bit scared by the potential of those scammers.

Even though my grandfather is a star surfing the internet for oldtimer cars, I’m always afraid he’s getting scammed by an oldtimer seller, phone call, or mail where they’re selling an oldtimer he’s interested in.

This all stumbles across one big network of scammers.

Problem: Internet scammers are getting smarter, seniors are getting scammed too easily.

Solution: Any ideas ?

  1. A volunteering program of people who’re available for a chat, call, or in-house help with online activities

  2. A AI-based phone call listener who cuts of lines when he suspects a scammer’s activity (Probably way too hard to create).

  3. Any ideas community?

Customers: We’ve got 2 types of customers.

  • Adults who’re willing to secure the safety of their parents
  • Seniors who’re seeing the problems self.

Let me know what you think, and how you’d think to tackle these problems :slight_smile:


It’s certainly a big and growing issue.

How about an escrow service for seniors whereby all payments are held until the promised service or product is certified as delivered? Registered seniors are coached to ask anyone approaching them to register with the service for payment. Such a service could even partner with banks. Won’t catch all types of scam but might help.

Or, more simply, a verification service from which anyone approaching a registered senior is required to obtain clearance before receiving payment from the senior.

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Great idea!

Using the fintech side of payments online, as a security portal for seniors would reduce the amount of scams.

We’re currently already got some service providers who’re doing this type of service, same as Spam blockers from Microsoft, but the amount of scams are still growing daily.

The FBI estimates that seniors lose more than $3 billion each year to fraudsters

this is a massive market to jump into with a new technology which secure every aspect of the senior activities.

Solution idea

  • A simple (like a chat icon on a website) icon on the devices of the seniors where the senior is able to share there screen to show the problem or potential problem.


  • In order to get this system working we’re needing screened employments which cost to much momey for most of the senior to take care of.

  • This could be backed by the government