How can I help?

On CNBC there was a low/no code company featured. They just closed a round at a $1 b valuation (unicorn). I can honestly say I would not be where I am today (which I am extremely grateful for) without bubble and this community. I checked out the competitors website, it looks cool, but I doubt it has anything better than what Bubble has. @Bubble @emmanuel I am interested in how I can support you be the #1 no-code company if that is your ambition.

What’s in it for you? You ask. Estimates are that by 2024, 85% of all applications will be built on no/low code sites. That creates secondary opportunities for all early adopters.

Let’s go Bubble!


I’m on this train. I feel I can transform my abilities by becoming a professional NoCode along side my graduate training in professional behavior analysis.

How do we blow it up?!?!


Thank you for your support! We’re actually working on some ideas to structure how the community can help (though teaching bootcamps, becoming freelancers, advocates, coaches), so give us a few weeks to see where the highest impact is.

Would love ideas from the community if you have some as well :slight_smile:


Great sentiment! I just want to add - let’s not get seduced by this whole VC & valuations game. Many of the best tech companies out there raised almost no money on their way to success.

I know Bubble has raised some VC money, but I think in this case maybe slow and steady wins the race.

That said, I’m looking forward to hearing @emmanuel’s plans for 2021!

Guten Rutsch! :tada: