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Hi all no-code fellows. I need your help actually. I am trying to develop a business intellingence application which I will process the data outside of the Bubble and load it here as a data table. And then use that underlying data to generate BI charts for my users. My problem is that if I load all the data into one single table, will I be able to filter my user specific data for my charts on bubble? Or should I load the data for a new data table for each user?

If yes, than I thin I should create a seprate duplicate pages of the BI chart page for each user. It seemed a bit hard way to do it. Am I doing something wrong?

Or should I skip using Bubble for BI app completely?

Yes, you can filter data as long as you have one (or more) fields in your table fullfilling the criterias for ‘user specific data’. If example your table has the column ‘userid’ with the values of 111 and 222, you can easily draw your charts with user specific information.

Not sure if this is what you want.

You can use Bubble as a reporting tool, but there are some neat tools out there that lets you twist and turn data with simple steps, like PowerBI.

I have been working on BI projects/datawarehousing and it requires some knowledge about querying data and basic programming skills. If you are going to use Bubble I suggest you take all the courses you can find and read the docs so you get a good foundation.

Thanks for your reply. I have some background with BI apps like PowerBI and others and have intermediate level of SQL knowledge. What I’m trying to build is going to get some monthly financial data stored in Bubble, make some calculations based on user filters and show them on charts.

I am not sure if I can make the KPI calculations on the bubble itself. If it’s not possible, I can calculate outside the bubble and load as a table.

The real problem is there will be differen charts for some users, I think for a start bubble can solve my problem but when my user count increases, new page requests will increase for different charts. Thats why I am skeptical about it.

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