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I want to build a B2B SaaS Data analytics app. I have the calculated data which will be sent to Bubble database via an API. But the problem is, I have different dashboard pages for different users and on the left vertical panel I want users to see only their dashboard page. Is that even possible on one singe app in bubble or should I deploy different apps for each different B2B users?


Hi @ali_ilhami how far along are you with the dashboard developments? I have developed several of them for some companies and I’m in the process of launching my own SaaS BI platform which you can see here:

If you are interested, lets talk and see if what I have done could help you out.

Hi Ali!
Have you found a solution yet? Would be interested to hear.


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Hi Aestela,
I would love to have a chat about what you have developed for these clients. How can I contact you? We are looking for a way to build a SAAS analytics app on bubble.

Hi @lena just sent you a DM so we can coordinate!

@aestela Can we connect? I would like to talk to you about the past projects you’ve done. I’m currently working on a data analytics platform. I could use some help.

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hi there, i’m currently trying to build something similar, in the real estate analytics space. Interested in a brainstorming session?

@Waf, sure, let’s connect.

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Just a heads-up, the current link has been deprecated and the actual one is