Can my specific application be built using bubble and what should by approach to achieve so

So i am an accounting student and have came across times when non accounting background founder or bussiness owners want their raw accounting data to be visualized for their better understanding, and as such i want to try out an idea of an app where in the user can extract data from a specific accounting software and can visualize data based on different matrics, as far as it goes i also want to implement certain cost accounting and basic auditing standards to the app as well.

So i just want to know how to build such an app and what sort of bubble techniques would i require to do so.

@confidenceiseverythi welcome to the community!

You will enjoy you Bubble journey for sure!

Dashboard type apps can be made to be very functional using Bubble :+1:t2:

Or if your app idea is totally different, based on what you describe it is likely that you can build it with Bubble as you see fit :grinning: