Best way to go about building a Dashboard?

I am creating a marketplace application using Bubble, where some of the data, such as number of transactions, resides with a 3rd party service (not Bubble). My question is: What is the best way to go about creating a Dashboard for my customers, who will be logging in through Bubble?

I want them to be able to see their latest metrics via charts and graphs. For example, they would need to be able to see the graph of transactions in the last 24 hours, week, month, 6months, and so on, according to their choice.

Note that since I am using a third party service, rather than purely using Bubble, the charts and graphs may need to combine information from both sources.

A related question: Will Airtable work for this use case? (I am not sure what exactly Airtable is used for, but from my rudimentary understanding, it seems like it should be able to handle this. I would appreciate your views on this as well.)

There are many dashboards you can choose from (free or premium) from the templates available from the Bubble website.

Airtables is nice, but can be limiting. I’d recommend Notion for any type of third-party data.

Not trying to self-promote too much but I also released a plugin for Notion.

Here’s a demo of how it works:

I have various guides on explaining how to connect Bubble and Notion together. With Notion, you have unlimited space, even as a free user. It’s amazing. I use it for tasks, guides, inquiries, forms, and (for my other businesses) contacts/event stuff.

Let me know if you find anything. Otherwise you can build your own UI, which can be time-consuming, but gives you more control over time when you learn how things work.

Thanks, I’ll check out the links above.

What I see in the links you’ve mentioned are more like raw database entries i.e. in the form of tables.

Is there a way to display the data in the form of charts or graphs? For example, if I have items as a column and purchases for each item over each period of time, can I then display them by slicing and dicing in various ways, such as trends in purchases of one item over time, most popular items, etc.?

All data can be displayed in a chart of sorts. It just depends on how you set it up.

The Notion Database can be queried then the information can be relayed to your front-end extremely efficiently. Same with airtables. This is best for Third-Party data, for which you would only use if you’re not pulling the information from your own database. You can use any chart plugin to display the data as you wish.

You can either embedd a third party BI solution as an iframe into bubble. PowerBi for example, would be very straight forward (if you can stream the data).

Or grab the data using a REST API (the query would have to be dynamic, based on user choice) and display it as a chart in bubble via plugins (there are many), or some kind of chart library. I like: AnyChart