Building dashboards for the clients

Hello everyone!
I’m new to Bubble and I am curious it it fits our needs.

For every client I would like to show them some dashboards dedicated to them

  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • CSV exporting.

I mean, the template of the reports is ~the same, but the clients are shown only data related to their business.

Source of the data: API or SQL.

Can I do it easily using Bubble?

Can easily be done.

That’s awesome. I’m now taking a Bubble course on Udemy.
Meanwhile, can you send me a link to any tutorial showing how to build this kind of feature?

Hey buddy, how are you? This is very simple to do in Bubble, you create a dashboard with all the functions you want, but you pull dynamic data, these dynamic data are related to each logged-in customer, so they will have specific graphics and specific information for each of your customers Logged. To learn this better, you can read about Dynamic Data here on the forum and study some free Dashboard templates that you have in the marketplace, it will help you a lot.