Button not triggering workflow when I change custom data

I’m new to Bubble and I’m facing a problem:

I’m creating a simple meeting scheduler app to practice. I have a sign up page for the app and I followed some tutorials to get to this point. I’m basically signing up the user, but I also want to save their name, phone and remember inputs.

Initially I added these as separate actions with “Make changes to user”, but then I discovered that I could do it in the sign up actions itself.

The problem is that when I go to the sign up page and click on “Criar Conta” nothing happens, not even when debugging in slow mode, it simply doesn’t trigger the event.

But if I take the assignments out and leave just the plain sign up it works. I don’t understand it.

Here is the page:
Qualimobi - Agendamentos (bubbleapps.io)

You don’t have to clear the “added friends” list because when you sign up a user, the list is automatically new and empty by default.

Consider removing the "
remember me" feature since its purpose isn’t clear. Could you please explain why you need it?

What’s the rationale behind discontinuing the use of “make changes to user”?

  1. I did it just to make sure, but I’ll change that. Thanks;
  2. In the sign up page there’s a “Remember me” checkbox to toggle the option of remembering the user. And also I’m saving the option if I need it later.
  3. It wasn’t working for the same reason, so I ditched it for this option since this one seems like the more default way of doing it.

Could it be because one of the fields is set to mandatory ?

Check all inputs for “should not be empty”

If one of the field is empty, and you said it should not. Then your signup won’t work.

In none of them this option is selected. Just checked

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