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How does input validation in default bubble sign up popup work without any conditions?

Hi, bubblers.
In standart bubble application we all have default reusable element “Signup / Login Popup”:

Button Sign up isn’t clickable until Email and Password values become valid.
But there are no formatting conditions for button Sign up (nor in workflow, nor in conditional tab of the element).

What is the magic?

The inputs probably have “this input is required” enabled.

So attribute “This input should not be empty” just checks that there is some input in the field. Or it also checks that the input complies content format (valid)?

Here is a link to my test app page:
I created a group with two input fields and one button (sign up). Button Sign up is clickable and doesn’t depend on inputs (empty inputs, incorrect email format). But in standard sign up popup it does. So I can’t get the difference…

I’m really stuck with this problem :unamused:
Can’t get the difference. Made the same “This input should not be empty” for input fields and placed button in one group with input fields - but user can click it even if there are no inputs…

You need to wire the button up to the inputs in a workflow. Right now, there is no workflow for the Sign Up button. Once you create a workflow that references those inputs, the switch will work as you want.

So the idea is: button will be unclickable (without any advanced conditional formatting) when there is a workflow that should create/update a Thing using values from input fields.
Thank you, potentialthings.

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