Button + or - to modify a Input Number without affect other customers

Hello guys,

I have a problem where, in order to explain it better, I recorded a video of a few seconds.

It turns out that I created a PRODUCT table that has a quantity field, each product must go to a line of a SHOPPING CART, however, when I modify the quantity of the selected product, another customer placing an order for the same snack, when he selects it to add to the SHOP CART, displays the quantity already changed. This is a serious problem for an app.

How could I solve this?

link video ( 32 seconds )

Thanks in advance!!!

Your PRODUCT data type shouldn’t have a quantity field.

What you need is another data type. Call it something like LINE ITEM. It will have fields for quantity, PRODUCT, and extended price (which is the quantity multiplied by the product’s price).

A SHOPPING CART will then consist of a list of LINE ITEMS, not the actual products themselves.

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perhaps one more explanation for your description why to do that:

Lists in bubble do not contain unique elements more than once, thats why you have to create a new “LINE ITEM” everytime you add something new to the basket. Every Item in your basket has to have its own unique ID.


I Understood now! Worked here

Tks for help Guys!

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