Adding the same product to a basket/cart more than once

Hey, I’m building a healthcare marketplace, however I can’t seem to build the backend that would allow users to add the same product twice i.e. they cannot customise how much of a product they would like to order.

I have a screenshot of the checkout below

In this checkout I can’t add any of those products more than once so the + button doesn’t work. I can only add a product once.

This screenshot is the workflow of the add button

The same workflow works perfectly when adding a product to the basket for the first time.

Hoping someone can help!

I think you will need to have a field type number (associated with the currents cell’s product) that increases when user clicks the plus button or decreases when clicks minus button.

Hey, I have that under the title quantity, what workflow should I use?

Here’s a screenshot of all the other fields,

Yeah Bubble lists don’t support duplicate items. But you don’t add a Product to a shopping cart, you are building an Order and that is composed of unique objects, which I refer to as Line Items. Here’s a video where I talk about this and a bunch of other cart related stuff:

The whole thread may be of interest.


Thanks for this! I decided to put a dropdown in the repeating group displaying each product in the cart and doing a sum with each items price and the selected number in the dropdown.

The problem with this is that I can’t get the subtotal to factor in the dropdown, if anyone has any suggestions?

Here’s a screenshot of its current dynamic feature