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Button that triggers action on another page

Hi Bubblers, anyone has idea on how to set a button to trigger an action on another page? e.g. when button ‘A’ is clicked go to page ‘1’ then hide an element on page ‘1’. Any idea?

Hi @jpeangeles

See this example on this page: Send parameters to page. When the button is clicked, another page opens a pop-up. You can hide an element instead of opening a popup.

Download this free template and review the sample.

Good luck!


Within the go to page action check “send additional url parameters”
Setup one that says “visibility” and set it to be a text with the word “yes” (you can name it anyway you want)
On the receiving page set your content group to be invisible and in its condition tab set “when get visibility from url is yes” then make this group visible (use the operator “get data from page url”)

Thanks for your help Cmarchan. I don’t know if there is something I’m not doing right - I tried it the way you explained but not getting the desired result. Could you please check the screenshots and see if this is what you mean…

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@jpeangeles you have visibility capitalized going out and in lowercase coming in

In your first screenshot change the KEY name to “visibility” and the value to “yes”.

In the second screenshot:

  1. Make the “Dropdown language” invisible
  2. In the Contitional tab you are doing it right. Just check the box to make the dropdown visible.

Thank you very much Cmarchan. It’s working now as desired.

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