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Buttons and others won't Navigate on mobile

Hello everyone,

I’ve just started out on bubble and I’ve gone through the basic tutorial over 10 times and I am having this problem with having a simple button navigate to the next page. I’ve deleted it and replaced it and setup the navigation just like in the tutorial but it refuses to work.

Actually, it works on desktop when I preview but on a mobile browser, nothing works. I have a button, a link and an image setup to go to the next page; nothing works on mobile.

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Seems odd that such a simple thing doesn’t work on mobile.

Can you link your editor so we can have a look?

Hi Stone, thanks a lot for replying. Here is the link, hopefully it works:

Yeah It doesn’t work on my phone either. Very strange.

Only reason I can think of is if you’ve made it a one-page mobile app somehow.

Can you share the backend editor so we can have a closer look?

Interesting, I have no clue how I would have made it a one-page mobile app.

Is there a specific section you want to see in the backend editor? There’s so much here…

I meant you’ll just share a link to your editor. Put it so people can view it.

Then share your URL like this:

Perhaps changing this setting on the page could help?


Hi Stone,

I’ve changed the setting to “everyone can edit” and here is the editor URL to the editor:

The setting for the page width is set to “custom”


Funny thing on mobile is that the button “get started” works once in a while at random and it doesn’t go to the next page.

The text link below it that says “get started” works all the time but it too doesn’t go to the next page.

The image below that, never works.

Again, all these issues are on mobile; crazy thing though, the url in the address bar does change (!) but the visual page you see is still of the index page.

Everything works on desktop. Mobile users is going to be the primary focus though, so it’s so important that this works… naturally.

Ah I see, it’s because you have set the mobile version of the signup page to be the index page.


I usually leave mine blank, unless you want a totaly different expirence on desktop and mobile. Best to just leave it blank at first. All 3 links work now.


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Yeah, delete that.

OMG! Thank you, that’s amazing!

I see where I went wrong… when I first started, that signup page was the original “index” page but then I got the idea to create a different “start” page and just cloned it and didn’t change any settings.

Thank you again, stone, won’t forget this!

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I was facing a similar issue, however, the issue with me was that I had added the sign up form in the centre and hidden it usually to only appear on mobile + tab, but I had not implemented workflows to support that sign up form.

Hence the buttons were not functional on mobile.

Thought i’d leave this here in case others are facing an issue because of it.