How to have a number value assign to a button i.e 1, 2

how to have a number value assigned to a button i.e 1, 2 . so when the button is press it will display its assigned value in the input element.

You can use a custom state for this (number), with a default value (or assign the value whenever you need to).

Or you can put the Button inside a Group with a content type of Number.

Or you can use that group itself as the button - styled to look like a Button.

i have tried custom state

can you please assist me what to do after this.

What exactly are you trying to do?

i want to have number pad on the screen where user can type the number i.e price and then save as a new thing in the database

Something like this?

Button Numbers (

yes please something like this.

how have you done this? @adamhholmes

Yes… this is an example I just made.

You can use it as inspiration.

what workflow have you used here? have you used custom state here?

can you please share your working?

Ahhh. appolgies… the editor link wasn’t working…

Here it is again (the editor link should work now)

Button Numbers (

Thank mate. i got it

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