"Buy a plugin license" nightmare

I had few plugin on a month fees and I want buy them with a perpetual licence.

For the fisrt one, everything was ok.

But after, that’s go wrong.
I cancelled monthly subscription. After I try to buy the same plugin but with perpetual license.
And then, I can"t. It display “Buy a plugin license” each time.

It’s a nightmare. I need those plugin.
I would like something simple, as a button to convert my monthly license to a perpetual one.
Anyway. Is somebody can help me about this bug ?

Thanks a lot.

You just cancel the subscription, don’t uninstall it, then buy the perpetual license. Have you tried refreshing the page?

Yes. I tried. Many time.
But nothing…
If I want my app works, I have to Resubsribe monthly (for that, thas’s ok).

There something going wrong with this bubble feature.

The plugins you’re trying to buy, do those even offer perpetual licenses? Some are monthly only

Yes. They do.

Did you search up the plugin again on the market and it doesn’t let you buy the license there?

Yes. I can’t buy the perpetual license on the market.

your best bet is to submit a support ticket to bubble. Support | Bubble

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To be fair, Bubble should really have one button that allows you to switch from subscription to perpetual.


Also running into this issue. If you’ve previously subscribed to a plugin, there is no way that I know of to buy a perpetual license, even after unsubscribing. Your only option is to resubscribe monthly.

How is this still not fixed??